Ceremony & Cocktail Hour

The staff at Shining Tides, especially Elizabeth, is wonderful. The grounds are lovely, the venue is private, the view is incredible, and you do not need to share the space with another wedding. You are betting on the weather with a venue like that, but despite our dicey and humid weather, we could not have asked for a better space; everyone complimented us on it. If your priorities are view/setting, authenticity, and privacy, Shining Tides is the venue for you. Moreover, another big bonus to the venue: 75{5f0b48c241f6f1843d337182ffc26ce5221f9e69355360f29916202998eec15f} of your rental cost goes straight to the Southcoast YMCA’s various programs, so it goes towards a good cause. I highly recommend Shining Tides for the beach-going and authentic bride and groom-to-be!